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Our Mission

Timely and consistent access to financial data
= a SUCCESSFUL Business

Knowing, accessing, and using your numbers is the key to success; often you don’t have the time, the know-how, or the right partners. The ADI Accounting Team uses technology, automation, and a team approach to create solutions that allow you, the business owner, to make timely profit-based decisions that grow your business.

Are any of these stifling your entrepreneurial spirit?

  • Recordkeeping: it sucks the life out of you!
  • No current, reliable, financial data: how can you make business decisions?
  • Lack of security, systems and processes: they cause insomnia!
  • You desire revenue and business growth: NOT data management!

The ADI Accounting Team is on a mission to find solutions that provides timely, secure, and accurate profit-focused business management information for our clients. Our team is comprised of passionate members empowered to work in their individual strengths resulting in a unique and result-oriented experience for our clients. Staying ahead of the curve requires more than just black and white revenue tracking. We measure success for our clients, team, and business based on the quality of data, ease in access, growth, and profit.

Our goal is to become your trusted financial partner for outsourced full-cycle bookkeeping services with a focus on technology, consistent timely processes, and easy clear access to financial data at all times for all team members.

  • We automate recordkeeping
  • We deliver consistent, timely bookkeeping services
  • We provide solid numbers for proactive, profit-focused decision making

Resulting in more time and more profits for you the business owner.

We specialize in working with the following:

Small Law Firms

  • 2-4 attorneys with multiple partners
  • You have 3-5 on your support team
  • You desire to leverage your time from day-to-day legal services and focus more building your firm.
  • You’re looking to move from practitioner (task focused) to CEO (forward thinking, strategic)

You are ready to add a financial team member

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Specialized Medical Offices

  • 1-2 doctors with multiple shared offices
  • You have 3-5 on your support team
  • You may have team members that work virtually
  • You provide your services in a variety of locations

You are looking for a take charge consultant that will just take care of it for you.

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Service Based Consultants

  • Single owner
  • You work in a small office – secretarial suite or home office; no room for team member
  • You travel for business
  • You are tech savvy and love gadgets
  • You are willing to outsource support services to consultants
  • You need to leverage your time so you can focus on your clients

You are ready to leverage and outsource.

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We often get asked why work with a bookkeeping team vs an individual bookkeeper.

Here are few key differences

1. No Downtime

A common first outsourced contractor for business owners is a single individual bookkeeper. When service level is based on a single individual, there will be times when it just isn’t working due to illness, vacation, growth, education level, or changes in technology. When I started my business in 2001, I was that single individual business owner and I know far too well that the work waited when life had other plans.

Working with a firm that uses a team approach puts the business owner ahead of that curve. The ADI Accounting Team breaks the accounting process down by department first and then uses a core team of three that prepares, processes, and reviews all work for our clients. The team concept allows for back-up during vacation and illness, resulting in consistent service level.

2. Fraud Protection

The seven years prior to starting my own business, I worked in public accounting . During that time I experienced the after affects when a business experiences fraud. Fraud happens most often when the work is performed by a single individual bookkeeper with very little to no review process by the owner.

A team concept adds a level of fraud protection. Keys to preventing fraud:

  • Separate tasks and create division of duties. Eliminate one person handling all accounting functions whenever possible; at the very least, one person should not handle all aspects of receiving and depositing monies.
  • Written processes are a MUST, not an option. Even though a business owner doesn’t need to worry about how to DO every little thing, the bookkeeper shouldn’t be the only one that does.
  • Review all work. Do not give all the power away when it comes to your business finances. Ultimately it is your business, your money, your liability. Add in processes that allow for review and verification of key accounting functions.

3. Technology Focused

Businesses that will be successful in the long term are those that stay current with technology and education. This is even more ture when choosing your financial team. Seek out service providers who invest in keeping current with technology and values continuing education for their team.

4. Consultant Level Management

As a business owner I know what it is like to juggle all aspects of the business: service delivery, team management, sales, finances, cash flow, janitor, receptionist, visionary, leadership, and CEO. At times I just want someone to step up and take care of it; just do it.

Working with a team means you have someone else that will just handle it. No more being in total control of every aspect. Your accounting team has it handled.

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Get the ADI Accounting Team’s Cover Your Financial Butt Checklist!

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