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What Exactly is a Bookkeeping Evaluation?

As we mentioned on the previous page, this is a great first step. How do you know it’s the right start? Well – do you feel a little niggling that something may be amiss? Are you unsure of what your bookkeeper is, should be, or isn’t doing? Have you been hiding from your numbers, and you’re ready to get back in the game? If you’re thinking that these questions are leaning towards a “yes”, then this is the best place to start.

Items We Cover & Expectations

  • A written report that outlines suggested changes and adjustments that you can choose to adjust and fix using one of the following options:
    • Yourself – DIY
    • Your existing team
    • Or hire us
  • Checklist to Get Started
  • Planning Conversation
  • Wrap-Up Call

Why Do an Evaluation?

A full scale evaluation allows us to dive into:

  • What isn’t working, your pain points, concerns, and needs
  • Suggestions and recommendations about accounting tool/s
  • Bring your accounting to a good solid starting point based on your tax entity and filings
  • Create confidence in your numbers and tool/s moving forward
  • Review what your team or bookkeeper is doing, and what to expect moving forward

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What Do You Mean: Just the Basics?

Let’s say you’re comfortable and have a routine already established for handling the day-to-day accounting needs – but you’re starting to feel a second set of eyes or a review would help give you confidence to use your numbers to manage your business.  Or, you could be wanting to slowly transition your accounting needs to a bookkeeper. To these services, you can add on any other needs (see add-ons below), depending on if you want to “wash your hands” of the data entry, or if you still want to do a little bit of the work behind the scenes. This is a good place to start bringing in the experts.

Items We Cover & Expectations

  • Evaluate and adjust your accounting tool so it works best for your needs
  • Quarterly review of your data and accounting tool, to catch problems early and maintain solid accounting system
  • Review account reconciliations with a quarterly email to follow-up with financial key items to stay aware of
  • Quarterly check-in call by phone, Skype or even to share data and address/adjust any concerns you may have with your accounting tool or data
  • Annual tax package – 1099 filing, tax work papers, coordination with tax professional

Why Start a Quarterly Review?

  • Leverage your time: you rock the recordkeeping, but another set of eyes would save you time and stress on working any kinks out
  • Work with Experts: if you’re not ready to outsource your bookkeeping or you haven’t had the income to hire, this gives you the ability to work with experts without the ongoing expense
  • Profit Consulting: An impartial third-party consultant keeps your goals and projections in mind and compares it to your actual data; sometimes as the owner, you are too close to dive into the numbers and ask the hard questions
  • Save Time and Money at Year End: it’s true, your CPA will charge you more to put your books in order (their time is best spent consulting and keeping you on track!). We know what they want, what they’re looking for, and how to deliver.

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What are the Core Services?

In the industry, these services are known as “full-cycle” bookkeeping. What we do is both the recordkeeping and the bookkeeping. The list of what we do and what is included is extensive, but here are the highlights:.

Items We Cover & Expectations

  • Tool subscription – Based on your needs and current system we will choose either Xero or QBO
  • Secure document storage and sharing (aka electronic file cabinet) – SmartVault
  • Subscription to Hubdoc a fetching and receipt capture tool
  • Profit First Assessment
  • Weekly banking update with soft reconciliations (requires online banking feed and access)
  • Monthly 3R’s – reconciliation, review and report
  • Custom reports and management dashboard
  • Monthly Profit First program review and suggested transfers
  • Quarterly check-in with Profit Distributions
  • Annual collaboration meeting for financial planning and projections
  • Annual tax package – 1099 , tax work papers, coordination with tax preparer for projections and year-end needs

What Outsource All Your Bookkeeping?

Well, that’s a great big question, and a good one! Here are the highlights for business owners:

  • Leverage your time: stop doing tasks you don’t like, or you’re not an expert at – then spend that time growing your business
  • Work with a TEAM of experts: we divide your accounting into departments – that means no one person is in charge of your numbers and data: this prevents fraud and increases security, something you can’t get even if you have a team member doing your recordkeeping and bookkeeping
  • Leverage your money: by taking command of your accounting, you’re allowing yourself to build a backbone for your business, financially. We’re Profit First Certified, which means you gain our expertise on how your business can pay you, support you, and sustain over time.

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Available Add-on’s

Do you need one, two, three or all four? You decide and add when you need them.


  • Enter bills
  • Review vendor statements
  • Coordinate with vendor, as needed
  • service – no client checks required, authorization process available
  • ACH payment options available with online vendor portal


  • Create billing invoices & statements based on info provided by client
  • Post payments, based on info provided
  • Reminder service
  • Collection service, as needed
  • ACH payment options available with online client portal using services


  • Coordinate set-up and regular processing using a 3rd party provider
  • Review quarterly and annual reports
  • Enter activity into accounting tool
  • W/C Audit


  • Paperless system that will include options that work best for you on how to capture the receipt and the necessary information needed per IRS guidelines
  • Match to statements and file in online storage cabinet
  • Review receipts to locate cash paid or items paid with personal funds

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Get the ADI Accounting Team’s

Cover Your Financial Butt Checklist!