Business 101: Benefits of Outsourcing Your Accounting

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The definition of outsourcing is to work (or contract) with an outside supplier to obtain services (or goods), in place of an internal source. You may have been wondering what outsourcing your accounting may look like.  Perhaps a coach or colleague have suggested that you “should” outsource to be successful, to grow, to gain sanity, or to find a balance in your personal life.  Or maybe you have already dabbled a bit with outsourcing only to experience less than stellar results.  Believe it or not, accounting tasks can be one of the easier forms of outsourcing.  Let’s take a moment…

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Your Bookkeeping Nightmare…Before The Accounting Department

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Your Bookkeeping Nightmare … Before The Accounting Department Chases Away the Ghouls! There is a “before” for all of our ADI Team clients; most of those before stories include nightmares and horrors that stopped our clients taking action on their accounting solutions.  Perhaps you have experienced some of these horrors as well.  Below we share a glimpse into the most common nightmares and the solutions that ADI provided that abolished the demons that terrorized their dreams. Never Ending Box of Horrors One of the most common horror stories we have worked with clients on is the never ending piles of…

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Securing Your Bookkeeping System: Removing the Roadblocks to Hiring or Outsourcing Your Accounting

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Your Team + Security = An Entrepreneurs Peace of Mind Old thought paradigms and roadblocks in “sharing” data often stop entrepreneurs and small business owners in adding team members, especially team members that have access to sensitive information, like their accounting. Securing your bookkeeping might seem out of reach, and some of these roadblocks also involve limitations of the software.  What keeps business owners stuck, though, is the mind shifts required which include trust issues, releasing control, and a whole lot of security issues.  These mind shift changes are not an easy fix and we suggest addressing one at a…

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Terminology 411: Bookkeeper, Accountant, Tax Professional – Who do YOU Need?

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Webster defines a bookkeeper as a person who records the accounts or transactions of a business. What a flat, not to mention outdated, definition of a bookkeeper.  To be honest, while the statement is true we find it difficult to use it as a label for ourselves. Our team has revolutionized “bookkeeping” and “accounting” to incorporate a holistic approach for business owners. This is what we call bookkeeping basics “The ADI Way”. The first secret we’ll let out of the bag: there is nothing new in what defines bookkeeping.  Bookkeeping started with abacus and paper, both tools we don’t see…

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