Fable Time: What if You Exchanged Money and Chocolate?

Let’s create a little Fable where Money isn’t, well, the current currency.

Let’s take a trip into a mind-bending fable today. I want you to dig deep into your inner trick or treater, and imagine… what if in our reality, candy was the form of currency and exchange? Do you remember when you traded your Halloween haul – like licorice for a Hershey’s or two KitKat bars … but let’s get more specific …

What if Chocolate were Money? (A Modern Day Money Fable)

Once upon a time, our heroine of this story would jump out of bed every day, excited and ready to get started. Although in this story, she was ready to get started making the chocolate. She loved and appreciated everything about making her chocolate. She found joy and fun in the experience. Making chocolate even felt abundant to her – she often felt there would always be so much available to her that she didn’t have to worry about how much she consumed.

Fast forward to today, where our heroine is a few years older into adulthood, with increasing responsibilities. A disconnect is creeping into her life, and it is extremely confusing. Where her experience with chocolate is full of love and gratitude, there are those around her that have started to teach her to scorn those feelings. Some ignore the chocolate. Others hoard chocolate. She starts to notice that most even recklessly care for chocolate in one way or another.

As she watches them misuse the chocolate, she realizes that as they hold the chocolate tighter and tighter, it melts in their hands. Which in turn creates a lack and thoughts that the richness of chocolate was only a temporary experience. For these people, chocolate has a short shelf life and thus is limited to only a lucky few. Inside she becomes sad because her love for chocolate was so strong. All around her, she is being told and shown a variety of thoughts – basically scripts of beliefs running rampant through the heads of others (aka chocolate scripts):

  • You can’t have too much chocolate because an excess means you are rich, pretentious, insensitive, and unhappy
  • You have to work hard to earn the chocolate
  • Chocolate corrupts and is evil
  • To be happy and fulfilled, you need chocolate
  • Success is measured by chocolate you have, and how much you earn
  • You can’t have both love AND chocolate
  • You have to be deserving of chocolate
  • There will never be enough chocolate
  • It is not okay to have more chocolate than you need, especially when others have less
  • It is not polite to discuss chocolate
  • Chocolate causes arguments and distress

Our heroine’s tribe, her community, the society around her, had warped their own thought process around chocolate until it was the pure definition of their worth, their success, even their emotional well-being. She knew there was a different way and even though it would brand her a rebel, she just couldn’t buy into their thought patterns.

So she cried loud and clear: chocolate is a tool!! Simply a tool that we use to exchange for goods and services that enhance our life, make it more comfortable. Chocolate should be celebrated, appreciated, and sustainable. I love chocolate and all the abundance it brings me!

Once she started stating her message about chocolate, she realized it was all about mindset. The programming we learned as a small wee child from our parents, grandparents, and society based on what they learned before them, and before them, and so on. At one time chocolate was scarce and it was fragile and life was hard. That is not the same reality she is living now. She then knew she would become the chocolate whisperer. She would challenge the common mindset. She would bring these new examples to her community. She would show them what the being the steward of chocolate was really all about.

Everything around you that you call life was made up by people no smarter than you. And you can change it, you can influence it. Once you learn that, you’ll never be the same again.” – Steve Jobs

What if all it took was changing our mindset and questioning our thoughts about money? If one day we woke up and what we knew of money was now in a totally different form, would it create a different experience?

So today is that day. I am bringing this message to my community. While I won’t give you chocolate in exchange for your available cash, I will be that rebel standing on her tippy toes challenging your stuck points on where money stops you from having that #FinancialFreedom you desire. Interested in continuing the conversation? Then click on through to the other side, and schedule your complimentary conversation.

Special thank you to our October 2016 Profit 101 co-host, Jason Stein, who creatively planted the seed for this article.

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