Is Medusa Creating the Paralyzing Fear You Have About Money?

A good tool makes every journey a little easier. That is the same for our heroine’s money journey. As we will learn, planning is an important stage for our heroine and is the key to slaying the paralytic fear often created by the black and white of our numbers and their Medusa stare.

The Story

As our fable continues from last week, our heroine extends her money journey into the land of cash planning. A land that our heroine has been told is ruled by a creature known as Medusa. Greek Legend tells us that by looking straight into the depth of the Medusa numbers causes paralytic fear and will freeze our heroine where she stands. Knowing brings empowerment and our heroine is confident that with this information combined with a few handy tools, she will prevail against Medusa on her journey towards #FinancialFreedom.

To defeat Medusa our heroine arms herself with a couple of tools that will allow her to see these numbers in their true form. She has learned that the true form of numbers is simply a metric to be used to measure the success or growth of her business. Simple 1’s and 0’s that, in the hands of a trained confident heroine, will find they have the power to show a possible money reality rather than the fear of lack. A reality that our heroine has an inner knowing and faith that she has the power to easily change and adjust as long as she is aware, proactive, and ultimately, takes action on the items that moves her closer to her goals even if the journey is slightly uncomfortable.

The tools our heroine arms herself with includes:

  • The Map (aka Budget and Target Goals) – Outlines exactly where she is going and an approximation of what it will take to get there. Without this, she travels blindly in the land of numbers and is why Medusa holds such great power. She also knows The Map is not 100% accurate because the path in front of her evolves and changes as she grows and attains her goals. She uses it as a trusty guide and adjusts The Map throughout her travels. The Map points her North towards her revenue goal and allows that to be top of mind to help guide her in her daily actions.
  • The Key (aka cash flow planning) – All maps require a key to read them, and all journeys require funding – so in our fable, our map key is our cash flow. It is painful to be in the middle of your journey and run out of funds because that is when Medusa can strike. The Key is the fastest way to follow the map, so our Heroine can be nimble and quick when it comes to funding her venture.
  • The Guide  – When heading into the lands unknown our heroine knows a trusty guide is crucial for a successful adventure. Whether the guide walks beside her for the whole journey or one that helps her to create the ultimate plan, she feels more supported and confident in the process and action steps.

With these tools she is prepared, she is empowered, and she is supported in continuing her journey towards #FinancialFreedom for herself and for her business.

My Story – The Results

By now you know that this story is my story and how I learned not to be paralyzed by the fear of looking at my own numbers. I know that seems like the most absurd notion coming from someone who spends her days working with numbers, and yet, is it that far-fetched? I know of tax professionals who don’t do their own taxes until the last possible date. Or the fable about the shoemaker whose children have no shoes. Perhaps that is even my secret superpower – a secret only because before now I wouldn’t tell anyone about it – because I actually know how that feels to look at your numbers and have that fear crawl up your back and overtake your whole being filling me with dread, anxiety, and hopelessness.

Early in my career, it was all about the black and white of the numbers, they were gospel even in a cash flow projection or budget. You either did them or you didn’t and that is the mindset of many accounting minded people. What a shock it was to start my own business and realize, that same black and white mindset, was not going to serve me on this new journey.

I learned how to disconnect the threads that tied me to those numbers, their worth in tangled with mine. I know they are simply a metric of the business, as with The Map (aka budget) it helps us measure whether or not we are on track to hit the goals for the business. Using The Key keeps our head up aware of how cash flows into our journey. Having an intentional cash flow plan and keeping an eye on what lies ahead is what is how we know whether we need to adjust course or spur us into action to change our fate.

What we know about numbers is tied to what we learned before we were seven about money from our parents, grandparents, and extended family. Basically, your inner seven-year-old is running your business with a very limited awareness of what they are doing. Now that I’ve brought that awareness up for you, YOU have the ability to change that and take action on it. The mindset process can be easier by bringing in a Guide that helps you level up your thoughts and your business to that next level you secretly dream about.

It will not be instantaneous and it may not be pretty. Each day I practice this and each day it gets easier for me. I know that it will be the same for those that choose this path as well.

Why share this today?

My experience is that many business owners do the same thing as I did. Weekly I work with and meet business owners that have a fear when it comes to even looking at their numbers so they continue to play small with their business. I did the same exact thing. I know now, there is a purpose to that journey I went on – not just in my experience but in being the witness to many business owners over the last 20+ years – to stand on the other side and tell you…

It doesn’t have to be that way.

I’ve said this before, I’m not offering a magical unicorn experience here. I am telling you and will show you, that by making a demand and choosing a different option you can change your story and experience with numbers, accounting, profit, and ultimately how you see and feel about money in general. In fact, I will support you in tapping into the empowerment that accounting, profit, and money can provide.

Let’s continue the conversation and find the action you need to take to create your new reality. Here’s a link to find a time to schedule a Profit Jumpstart Session, a 30-minute conversation about where you are at and where you want to go. My personal mission is #FinancialFreedom for myself and for as many business owners as I can connect with.

Check out the adventure with our Heroine in our original Fable Post “A Money Story with Monsters, Magic and Mindset”

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