Moving Through the Sticky Parts

Do you ever have a moment where you have a strong intention to do something, the skill, the understanding, but then things start to get sticky? You find roadblocks in odd places or you discover it was just a bit harder than you originally thought? That is what happened to me in the last couple of weeks as I recorded five implementation videos for the Profit First system. I was surprised to find the experience more rough than I imagined and I almost got stuck in areas I wasn’t expecting.

This wasn’t my first video rodeo, being that I already broke through that negative mindset about being on camera and learning the tools I would need to shoot the videos I had planned. I shot a stripped down version of myself, and a couple years ago I shot 15 videos for a challenge I was participating in all around the power of Choice. Let me be real here, there is still a little lingering OMG moment when I see the videos AND I am okay that they are what they are.

When I planned to do a few short videos about the five implementation steps for Profit First, I didn’t give it much thought. On the surface, they would be easy to do. I had the technology know how. The material was nothing new. All I had to do was find a half hour or so and do them. Sure, let’s also plan on doing them during a month when there are several important deadlines, just to keep me on my toes. In hindsight, at that moment I still didn’t see the perfect storm I was creating. Or maybe it was really a Gilligan’s Island episode filled with comedic failed attempts at escaping my own uncharted video-land. (If the theme song is an earworm for you, you’re welcome.)

Sticky Point #1 – When Ego Overshadows Your Passion

For the purpose of this blog post, knowing how many times I shot each video would have made for good writing. Since I don’t have a number let’s use time. Originally the plan was five videos around five minutes each, easy and simple. Result – each video took one to two hours to shoot/create (PLUS another hour minimum to upload plus back-end production) of start and stop recording. One video actually took me two days with two different sessions to finalize. The main reason for this sticky roadblock?

All fingers point to my ego and my lovely accounting brain.

I went into these videos with a simple topic. When the video started I just started talking – this would be my ego taking the lead. Then my brain and mouth would have some type of disagreement. Which lead to a conversation with myself on video around what the hell I was really trying to say. I would take a moment and draft a few things out on a post-it. Only to find the next video even bumpier than the prior ones. This happened every single video!

In hindsight: I went into each video being led by my ego and my need to be the knowledgeable one. Of course, my accounting brain wanted to look her best. When I finally realized the videos were less about the “doing” of the implementation and more about the “why” that’s when I was actually able to tap into the passion about why I do this. Only then did a video actually come out easy and on topic. When something you are doing is hard and filled with some negative self-talk, chances are you let your ego take the lead. Time to take a breath and tap into the passion of what your purpose is.

Sticky Point #2 – Showing Up Imperfect

I really did shoot a stripped down version of myself a couple years ago – no make-up, crazy hair, enjoying the solitude of a beautiful morning. So it wasn’t that I got hung up on what my hair was doing or lack of professional make-up. No, what I got hung up on was how to prop up my iPad so I wasn’t looking down at it or that the video shot didn’t show my ceiling (and my storage or the light bulb). Not to mention what’s behind me in the video. Once I started focusing on all of those items then “negative Nelly” self-talk showed up and started being mean – saying things like – wow you’re wearing that? And boy, you look tired!

Granted, all this fooling around added to the time I was spending shooting and reshooting each video. In the end, I pushed through this sticky roadblock and just DID IT. That’s the learning moment, to take the next best action. Even if it is one tiny step, you are still taking action. From the technical side, test out different heights for your camera with different hardware. I prefer to shoot using my iPad and iMovie. I just got a new stand which means I don’t have to hold it while filming. I’ll be testing out height adjustments before my next video escapade.

Sticky Point #3 – It Doesn’t Always Go as Planned

By now I have painted a very time extensive story, during a full accounting schedule. How would a normal human accomplish it all? That was the question I kept asking myself.  And, this is why the original schedule was pushed out.

First, when planning a creative project add some buffer time and perhaps limit other stressful activities. For me, fitting just one additional thing into an already full schedule is one of my distractor habits. Regardless that bending time is one of my superpowers, sometimes just one more thing is just too much.

I also learned here that what I was creating wouldn’t cure cancer, so adjusting the timeline only hurt my own ego. Poor ego. Otherwise, everyone lives to enjoy another day. Sometimes, it just takes a little honesty, and a little bravery, to take a stand and shift the delivery date. No one complained. I got the time I needed to meet the tax deadlines. Which shifted me out of accounting brain into a creative passion space.

Look, it would be awesome if everything went exactly as planned, right? Then again, those items that go off the rails — well, that’s where the learning opportunities lie. That’s where the best personal growth is. Let’s raise a glass to sticky moments, they actually aren’t all bad at all.

Dying to see the videos? Here’s a link to the Profit First with Connie playlist.

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