Three Ways to Create Abundance for Your Business

By April 27, 2017 AskConnie, Cash Flow, CEO Mindset

I wanted to share a secret with you. There was a time where I didn’t think about abundance in my business, either through creating profit or creating a plan.

I know, that’s shocking and so embarrassingly true.

During the growth stage of my business, if I did think of my business finances, it was after running around with my head cut-off and usually somewhere around 2am. Seriously, during that stage the only thoughts I had around cash or abundance or profit was lack. I now call that “Living in the Land of Lack”, where everything is lacking just a bit – time, money, resources, sanity.

Are you familiar with the law: what you focus your attention on most, is what you get?  So during my growth phase, my focus was on the lack of funds, the lack of time, and the limited room left on my credit card – which resulted in exactly more and more of that same. I didn’t realize that the first couple of years, so my cycle of lack became continuous. Honestly, it lasted about six years as I went from my home-based business to corporation in a commercial space while hiring a team.

Then I found a different way. No, it wasn’t a magic wand and I’m not going to sell you a magic pill. I am going to save you a little time by sharing the practices that helped me shift my mindset and see a different possibility to create abundance for my business. Try one, or try all three – just find one that shifts you out of the limited box around money where your mind may be hiding.


There are many ways to implement a Gratitude practice – and I believe in it so wholeheartedly, I’ve written on the subject quite a few times:  here and here and this was a fun article too. In case you want the quick answer, this is what I do.

  • Every day, pick one thing you are most grateful for and write it on your calendar. If you need more, pick one in the morning when you start your day and at night before you lay your head down. I love this practice because it always makes me feel warm and fuzzy, supported and loved, and it ends or starts my day with a little loving kiss.
  • Send one note, card, text, and tell someone how grateful you are for them. Remember this isn’t only for those you meet or connect with in business. Share this lovely gift with your family, friends, and those that make your personal life easier.
  • If you’re feeling especially raw and negative, take out your journal or a piece of paper and write down 50 things you are grateful for, or keep going until your attitude changes.


If we only look down, we never see the amazing things all around us. This is what can happen when opportunities come knocking. If we don’t pay attention when they show up – we might miss out.

So I learned to pay attention to what I asked for – AND how it showed up. Sometimes it showed up exactly how I asked for it – like when I bought my new car; everything from the financing, pricing, and features showed up exactly as I had asked for so it would have been wrong to say no! Sometimes, though, opportunity is clever, and might not show up at all like your original ask.

When I asked for an additional $1k to be created in new revenue, which in my head I had pictured as new customer sales – but what showed up was an unexpected refund and an uncollected balance owed by a prior customer. It’s when we hold the result so tight in the “how we want it” that we miss opportunities for what we desire to show up in a different format. Lesson learned – if you need your abundance show up a certain way, be super, super, clear when you make your ask. So instead of my focus earlier on adding $1k in client sales, my revised ask is more specific: I want to onboard a new Profit Consulting client.

Always keep your eyes up looking for the opportunities as they arise. It is so easy to forget these moments later on, so when you experience one, write it down. That way when things are going in the wrong direction you’ll have a list to refer back to of when things did go right!

Extra Credit: want to make opportunity take notice? Try using the phrase, “How does it get any better than that?” Get a flat tire, say the phrase. Get awesome seats at a restaurant, say the phrase. And then, pause, breathe, and be on the lookout for what the Universe will provide next. You might discover you’re getting all the abundance you need – and then some.


I wasn’t raised with a faith background. I have been running away from one for roughly 30 years, thanks to a step-mom and her beliefs. When someone finally sat me down and explained that faith was more than where people congregate to pray, religion, and the rituals, that “it” was all around us – it all started to click. So it didn’t matter what I called it – God, Jehovah, Source, or Universe – I only needed to believe that there is a greater power out there and it has my back. I use the words Source or Universe; that feels right for me, for now.

Faith is having confidence in the fact that we can create whatever we need. Including abundance. When we clearly ask for something, it happens, as long as we are aware and looking. If we are doing our god-given mission and purpose in this lifetime, then the Universe has us covered and will provide the resources and open the doors. I know as you read this, it may sound like the most airy-fairy thing out there, IF you’ve never experienced it. Faith is a muscle that we build, and every day I take steps towards that.

One way to help build the faith muscle is by using the numbers in your business to help with tracking metrics. For example, let’s say you set a goal for receiving $17k/month – if you don’t track what’s coming in, you won’t know when you reach your goal. But if you are tracking, when you do achieve it, you have black and white proof that you can do it and that what you are doing is working. Now here is where the faith muscle kicks; when you change your internal beliefs – like you now have a business that supports that $17k/month – there is no reason you won’t be able to achieve that again. I find this habit works super well with an accountability partner that can help keep the clarity for you. Which is also why I changed my service offerings to include this very thing. It worked amazingly well for me, I know it will work for you too.

These are my practices that are creating abundance in my business every day. What practices do you use to shift your negative or stuck focus? Or what are you doing differently to create abundance? Share with me in the comments below or on social media.


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