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Are you overwhelmed wearing multiple hats in your own business?

  • Struggling to juggle team management, service delivery, sales and marketing?
  • All that juggling turning into resentment which is starting to feel more like an employee relationship in your own business than the CEO you dreamed of?
  • Feeling a loss of control or lack of trust, is the main reason business owner resist letting go.

Enhance your team by working with an outsourced team of bookkeepers.  A team of confident skilled accounting professionals will work to create solutions for your unique needs.   No training or on-boarding needed.  We’re experienced, we know what YOU need and come prepared with proven accounting processes.

Our team provides an efficient solution that allows you to have better time management.  With an all-inclusive service package, our team will fill that gap between you and your tax professional. Allow us to just handle it.

Have you experienced fraud in the past?

  • Are you lacking enough team members to implement a division of duties and review process?
  • Was your initial hire a receptionist, administrative assistant or legal assistant rather than a bookkeeper?
  • Have you noticed that those hires are great at supporting you, your client and business but lousy with the detail oriented number items?

A great assistant has strengths in relationship building while a great bookkeeper is drawn to numbers, tasks and data first.  In the short term one person can fill both roles.  Long term, something will be dropped, misplaced or even worst, the team member may feel entitled or overlooked and that is when fraud can creep in.
We bring the right team members, the right strengths and the fraud verifications to create a secure environment for your financial data.

Concerned that trust funds are properly tracked?

  • Are you tracking your trust funds by matter and by state?
  • Have you experienced problems with your billing properly showing funds held in trust?
  • Is there a nagging feeling something is off, you just don’t have time or patience to research it?

Mishandling or lack of tracking trust funds can create fines, penalties and outside influence by the state bar.  Separation of duties creates a verification process of the trust funds held at the bank compared to accounting tools separating it by matter.
End result is an extra set of eyes, verification reporting and confidence that trust funds are a priority for you and your business.

Do you struggle with the fine balance of delegation and privacy of business finances?

  • Is it just easier or safer if you handle the finance tracking yourself?
  • Are you not comfortable letting your internal team see the whole financial picture?
  • Have you experienced a little too much “sharing” in regards to the practice finances by internal team members?

While your internal team is best at handling the client tracking and billing, the finance tracking for your firm can be outsourced.  Outsourcing to a team like ours provides you a privacy buffer allowing you to share what you choose with your team and on your own terms.

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Get the ADI Accounting Team’s Cover Your Financial Butt Checklist!

Get Financial Help Today: