How to Make Your Receivables Process Insanely Easy

Today it is my great pleasure to introduce to you a tool that automates your receivables process by adding a magical collections team member. This new team member is called  InvoiceSherpa, and here are a few of the items I appreciate with this great bookkeeping add-on.

Custom Templates, Scripting, & Reminder Schedule

It doesn’t matter if you’re a little snarky or an uber professional, you choose the script- so you can be you, even in your collections. Not to mention that if you want to send reminders the day after invoices are due, or five days before they are due, you get to decide. You could also ignore personalization, and just follow the suggested templates, scripting and schedules.

The reason we added InvoiceSherpa to our toolkit was for a client: they wanted a reminder invoice to go out the day after a customer invoice was due. While that is possible, it is a manual activity that required their accounting team (us) be available to access and send on those specific days. That didn’t work for our availability. Enter InvoiceSherpa – the tool that now steps in and does it automatically. Based on the custom scripting our customer designed, and based on the process and schedule we created together. We can always pause the process for any customers that might need extra care, otherwise it happens magically.

Auto Data Sync with QBO or Xero

Every 30 minutes, and in the background, this easy, seamless 2-way auto sync happens with your browser based accounting solution. Even better – InvoiceSherpa can only pull and read data that pertains to your customers, so your information is secure. What I love about this is there is no need to push the info out. I can easily create the invoices as needed and let InvoiceSherpa handle the rest. Some of my clients have experienced problems emailing directly from QBO to their clients: we don’t have problem now that InvoiceSherpa has been added.

Payment Integrations – PayPal, Stripe, Intuit, etc.

Normally the accounting tools will tie you to one or two payment options. With this add-on, payment options open up and easily tie into tools you already have. Plus, the payment function for the customer is beautiful. You can set the option of E-Check/ACH or credit card, even set the dollar limits you want processed on the credit card. The customer doesn’t have to login, they can simply click the link to make a payment and enter their stuff, and InvoiceSherpa will make sure it processes based on your existing solution. Brilliant!

PLUS you can auto-process recurring payments. Add the payment authorization at the time you make the sale to your customer, add the info, and presto – increased cash flow seamlessly processed. No forgetting. Fully customizable. Drop the mic and walk off stage because this is that good.

Customer Portal

Accounting tools alone don’t offer customers access to see their invoices and make payments online. WIthin InvoiceSherpa, customers can access a complete overview of their accounts – see invoices, make a payment, plus ask questions or post comments when needed. Let’s face it, as our businesses adjust from local to national – and international – manning the accounting desk all those hours is not going to happen. Having integrations like a customer portal keeps everything in one place and easy for all of us to communicate on the same page.

While InvoiceSherpa was originally created as an automated invoice reminder solution to fill the gap between the static ability of the accounting solutions available and scheduling availability of owners and bookkeepers, it is now growing into something much more. InvoiceSherpa is becoming the outsourced A/R solution which helps business owners step out of the payment collection role for their business, and it enhances what your existing financial team can manage.  Plus they are in the process of taking this great A/R solution and duplicating it for our vendors. I am excited to check it out when it’s available.

The InvoiceSherpa team has been around perfecting this app and adding more and more integrations with it since 2013. It was founded and is based in Oregon. It is an ADI Team approved and, more importantly, loved app for ourselves and our customers. If you’d like to chat further on how this could be implemented for your company, click here to schedule a time with me.



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