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rebecca_hurwood“Connie Vanderzanden and the Accounting Department have truly given me peace of mind and helped me save money on my taxes. As a “solo-preneur” Licensed Acupuncturist I wear many different hats throughout my work day and am blessed to have a thriving business that is always growing, changing and keeping me busy. Until I hired Connie, I was doing all my bookkeeping myself and hoping for the best at tax time when I would push everything towards my CPA and say “fix it.”

Now I have a beautifully streamlined Quickbooks program that is easy to use, I have Connie and her team to double check my books and keep me on track, and my CPA gives me a 20% discount for having everything prepped professionally – not to mention the deductions and write offs I hadn’t even thought of before – that Connie has on the books for me.

Bookkeeping is one of the hats I’ve gladly given up in exchange for saving money and having more time while feeling confident that I’m getting the best service possible. I highly recommend Connie Vanderzanden and the Accounting Department for high quality, high integrity, money saving accounting services.”

– rebecca hurwood, owner & licensed acupuncturist
with all ways well, llc

karli_olson“Linh and I first met Connie last fall. We had started a new business and were in need of someone for our accounting needs. We could not be happier with her services, she is an absolute whiz, not to mention delightful to be around. We highly recommend her and would be more than happy to be a reference on her behalf.”

– karli olson, olson vu

abby_fammartino“The moment Connie stepped in and helped me organize my business books everything became a whole lot clearer, and thus my mind was more at ease.”

– abby fammartino, abby’s table

kurt_saberi“Working with Connie is like taking a deep breath, and then slowly exhaling. As you exhale you begin to feel a weight lift off of your shoulders, feeling secure and confident that you have a trusted business partner that knows how to keep your business running efficiently. Connie is truly like the calm after a storm. She’s organized, efficient, and professional. She’s more than someone who’s just good with numbers. She’s a creative thinker that has the potential to be a strategic partner in your business.”

– kurt saberi, counterform

janine_stephens“I have known Connie for over 12 years now; first as a co-worker and currently as a strategic partner. She has many years of experience working at CPA firms and, therefore, knows what we want. I have outsourced some nightmare projects to Connie and they’ve come back to me squeaky clean and ready for tax prep. I feel 100% confident referring my clients to Connie for their bookkeeping, QuickBooks clean up and project based work.”

– janine stephens, cpa

jr_hinds“I have known Connie for almost 15 years. She is one of the most honest, trustworthy, and detailed people I know. Connie is one of those rare people who are ‘connectors’. She has a great knack for putting people together. And she lives by the motto, “Givers Gain”. Connie will give you more than she ever intends to receive. It is no exaggeration to say that the world would be a better place if there were more Connie Vanderzandens in it.”

– jr hinds – rhu rebc, hinds & associates employee benefits

meris_gebhardt“Connie always gives 120% effortlessly. Her business is so second nature to her that you feel she is more of a multi-faceted consultant guiding you to comfort and success in your business. Connie’s professionalism is top of the line, yet she is so personable you can’t help but share everything with her. The result of this is high disclosure, opening up vast options and ways to better run your operation. I would recommend the smallest and largest and a vast array of clients to The Accounting Department.”

– meris r. gebhardt, om sweet om, bodyoga

mardee_brennan“Hiring Connie as my bookkeeping has put my mind at ease. I can get a little nervous around money issues and with Connie on the job I know that that my checking account balance is correct and the letters from the IRS are being handled, because she’s not only meticulous with details, she always follows through. I know that when I have a question about Quickbooks she will get me the answer.

I have found Connie to be warm, sincere, friendly, knowledgeable, dependable, and trustworthy. She enjoys laughter and is refreshing to have around. I recommend Connie to anyone who is frustrated with Quickbooks, needs support with their bookkeeping or has had challenges with another bookkeeper. I am grateful to have her on my team!”

– mardee brennan, lubliner florist


Get the ADI Accounting Team’s

Cover Your Financial Butt Checklist!