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Do you struggle under the weight of the paper, receipts and reports the management of the business requires?

  • Are receipts a necessary evil from your travels that clients will need for billing?
  • Do you find that anytime spent on business management is less time for client service delivery, which results in less money?
  • Do you wake up at night as your brain spins on those management and tax related items waiting for some attention and action?

When you started it was simple, you work for clients and all of that time and energy created revenue.  What you didn’t plan for was as soon as you received that first dollar business management kicked in that requires data tracking, collections, tax filings and deadlines.

Enhance your team by working with an outsourced team of bookkeepers.  A team of confident skilled accounting professionals will work to create solutions for your unique needs.  No training or on-boarding needed.  We’re experienced, we know what YOU need and come prepared with proven accounting processes.

Are you concerned about Uncle Sam?

  • Do you feel that you aren’t capturing all the business expenses that you could?
  • Have you considered creating a tax plan for the current year?
  • Does the fear of a large tax bill keep you up at night?

Often the day-to-day focus is on client service delivery and not on planning for taxes.  An outsourced bookkeeping team is that extra set of eyes that will review statements, receipts and the overall business activity – they seek out and find all the business related expenses available.  Monthly reporting and fund allocations with a focus on profit, owner pay and taxes FIRST will create a level of support and confidence for taxes.

Our all-inclusive service packages include strategy sessions to work with you to find those tax deductions, create cash flow and tax planning, and fill that role between you and your tax professional.  Allow us to just handle it.

Having a hard time walking the line between being your client’s advocate and the collection guy?

  • Are you avoiding the collection conversation?
  • Have you looked back and wonder why cash flow is tight after delivering services outlined per your contract only to realize your client is behind in their payments?
  • Are you awake at night worrying about how your are going to cover your bills?

Focus on service delivery and a happy satisfied client relationship will tend to force the collection conversations to a distant second.  Using an outsourced accounting team offers an emotional buffer between you and your client when it comes to collection. Our team will work with you to create a collection process that is a combination of your comfort level with client communication and keeping your cash flow top of mind.

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Get the ADI Accounting Team’s Cover Your Financial Butt Checklist!

Get Financial Help Today: