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We start with a paid Bookkeeping Evaluation. This will allow us to find out what isn’t working, what is, and includes our suggestions to bring your tool and accounting to a good solid starting point.  A written report will be provided that will allow you to do it yourself, use your existing team, or choose to have us make the adjustments.

There is list of items to get started, a planning conversation, and a wrap-up call with possible next steps.


Need Just the Basics?

Are you comfortable handling the day-to-day accounting needs?  Do you feel a second set of eyes would be beneficial?  Or perhaps you are looking for that interim step towards outsourcing your bookkeeping needs?  “The Basics” includes:

  • Tool subscription to Xero or QBO
  • Quarterly tool and data check-in for minor adjustments, reconciliations with email findings and suggestions that you can choose to make or take action on
  • Annual tax package – 1099, filing, tax work papers, coordination with tax professional


Are you ready to outsource, but still want to maintain some control around the in and outs of your money? ADI Core Services is a great marriage of outsourcing and the control you desire in a DIY system.  You take care of your business day-to-day needs; then you make that detail available to us using a variety of online storage options and your scanner.  ADI will take care of tracking the numbers, reconciliation, and reporting, in an all-inclusive fee.

Together we will dive into those numbers in a quarterly call to measure them against your business goals, needs, and profit tracking.

Have you ever had that awkward collection conversation with a client before services were performed? Or even avoided that conversation all together?  Do you make it a priority to invoice clients or send statements on overdue balances?  Or do you remember to invoice only after your cash flow dries up?  These are just a few reasons to outsource client sales and payment tracking.  It also frees you up to focus on your one purpose and priority for your business: revenue generation. The ADI team will handle the rest.

There is a correlation between stress and the stack of papers that may be on your desk: the higher the pile = higher stress.  Not to mention, couldn’t you spend your time more wisely than searching for a receipt, bill, or even your insurance documentation?  With a little help from the ADI team we will organize, file, and verify that all your business expenses have been accounted for in your accounting tool.  We’ll provide the tools, you provide the receipts.

If you already pay all your bills using online bill pay or via your credit card, this will not benefit you. If, however, vendors are calling you to check on status of payment or you can’t believe you forgot to pay that utility bill again, or perhaps you remember paying the vendor but can’t locate the proof – these are all signs you need to outsource your vendor payment processing. Added benefit: no more phone calls!  Plus, our tool and process adds the necessary approval and review process that online bill pay through your bank just doesn’t have.

These days, bookkeepers are trained on the tool and not the how behind the numbers when it comes to payroll.  While the tool works well, knowing if it is properly set-up, verifying, and finally having the know-how to work out any issues – well that takes a strong accounting background.  The ADI team can handle the verification, set-up, and provide support with resolving issues.  We call this coordinating and recommend that you choose to work with a payroll service provider for the processing that would include payroll calculation, processing, electronic tax payment, and all necessary tax filings.   You take care of the hiring and nurturing of your team and we will assist with coordinating the rest.


Profit First is not a new marketing gimmick, and there isn’t any new-fangled accounting secret.  It is a slightly new way of looking at the same accounting info you already know, with a mindset and process that shifts your focus: first on profit, owner pay, and tax savings.  You started your business as way to support your personal needs, isn’t it about time to put that front and center before paying any other bills?  Mike Michalowicz wrote the book, Profit First, and it is the guide that outlines the mindset shifts and simplified process.  The book and process was business changing for the ADI Accounting Team; so changing, we took the steps to become a Certified Profit First Professional.  Now we can offer support around setting your target percentages, accountability around changing mindsets, and celebrate with you when you take your first quarterly profit distribution.


Everyone needs to get started somewhere, so the very first step is a Profit First Maximizer consultation.  We will look at your numbers and how they compare to average numbers for your revenue range.  Then we will go over the process and figure out your next steps.

Depending on what we uncover on the inital call, you may want to take the process a little further with a paid Profit Analysis.  We will dive into your numbers and look at industry averages.  The end result will be a report with recommendations of specific steps to get your business to a strong and healthy financial position using the Profit First system.

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Get the ADI Accounting Team’s

Cover Your Financial Butt Checklist!