How to Make Your Receivables Process Insanely Easy

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Today it is my great pleasure to introduce to you a tool that automates your receivables process by adding a magical collections team member. This new team member is called  InvoiceSherpa, and here are a few of the items I appreciate with this great bookkeeping add-on. Custom Templates, Scripting, & Reminder Schedule It doesn’t matter if you’re a little snarky or an uber professional, you choose the script- so you can be you, even in your collections. Not to mention that if you want to send reminders the day after invoices are due, or five days before they are due, you get…

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Tool Recommendation: Xero – is it right for you?

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In today’s Vlog Connie gives you a quick look into Xero. We review the things we look at with our clients when deciding what tool is right for them and some of the reasons we like Xero. Video Summary When we talk to clients about choosing an accounting tool there are a few items we want them to consider: The look and feel of the tool – People have an immediate like or dislike when they access their tool; not despising it the minute you access it is important to your success in using the tool. Also, it’s important to…

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Business 101: Calculating Business Cash Needs

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  A conversation with a prospective client this week brought up an old topic: running a business based on bank-balance-accounting (you can read more on that topic here). The business owner was a start-up and their prior accountant did set-up QBO for tracking. The accountant stopped as of 12/31, and didn’t provide any training or support. Since the business owner didn’t have the skill set to update their accounting tool, he was left running his business simply based on what his bank balance was, which was the reason for the call: he needed his accounting brought current so he had…

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Favorite Tool Series: Track1099.com

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A long long time ago, say prior to 2012, processing 1099’s every January took quite a bit of planning, preparation, and coordination.  I never seemed to have enough forms, enough envelopes, or enough postage.  Then the Sleeter Group recommended a tool that they were using internally called Track1099.  I have never particularly liked processing and printing 1099’s within the accounting tool I was using (QuickBooks for desktop, at the time); it never quite printed properly on the forms, and it annoyed me.  Plus, working with as many clients as we were, all who were using different accounting tools, what I…

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Favorite Tool Series: Hubdoc

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Technology is constantly adjusting, improving, taking forward strides and most times these changes are inconvenient, frustrating, and time saving awesomeness.  This review is for a pretty awesome time saving tool that is still evolving and already has saved me enough time to cover costs. Getting and capturing accounting data like receipts, bills and statements, is the first hurdle in going paperless.  The next hurdle is the ability to share and store that info.  There are many tools out there that tackle those items but they were always lacking something: Not accessible on mobile device Only allows two emails to access;…

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Bookkeeping Zero Data Entry: Fact or Myth?

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Honestly, the truth starts with your financial institution and the accounting tool you’ve chosen. Choose correctly and zero data entry can be achieved. What does Zero Data Entry (ZDE) mean? Remember that “garbage in and garbage out” saying?  Most problems we encounter with small business accounting revolve around manually entering the “data” into the selected accounting tool, most likely into QuickBooks. ZDE means that you don’t have to worry about manual data entry. Revolutionary, we know! Do any of these ring true? There are so many other items requiring your attention that working on your business is limited so you…

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CEO to CEO: Come into the Light of Automation

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Today we are going to create an analogy of why bookkeeping technological advancements can be compared to the advancements in transportation. Yes,it is fun and unique to travel by horse and buggy on a beautiful spring sun-shiny day. Do you really want to do it when it’s rainy or you need to go more than 10 miles in less than an hour? If we use this analogy you can see that yes, we can still access and use old technology, but there are limitations to it. Opting for the new “car” just gets us there faster, safer and stylin’. Let’s…

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5 Reasons Why Automation is Still Important: Some Easy Ways to “Make it So”

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 1. You Want More Time in Your Day Your day, like ours, probably starts with hitting the ground running. If by running, you also mean putting on those sneakers or hitting the treadmill, then why not automate some of the tasks you could tune out while getting in a morning workout, networking meeting, or a fortifying breakfast? For power android users, this might be one of the revolutionary apps you’ve not yet heard of – we think it puts the “smart” in “smartphone”: • Tasker for android users http://androinica.com/2010/08/9-ways-to-make-android-automatic-with-tasker/ We love this: If this then this… (that’s really what the…

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