How to Think About Payments That Will Help You Be Profitable

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While the king of payment has changed from paper to plastic, not having multiple options of receiving payment can be a certain death for businesses. I’ve seen new businesses open their arms wide for multiple payment options, and I’ve seen older businesses go kicking and screaming into this new world. If you want to survive and be a healthy and profitable business, you need to be aware of the tools available and develop your preferred payment processing plan. So let’s talk payment options. Death of the Checkbooks – (almost) We as a society haven’t totally killed off checks as a…

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Disaster Planning for Business: Emergency, Backups, Tools…are you prepared?

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But really: are you prepared? Do you have a disaster plan for your business? Sometimes we have warnings before an emergency strikes. Most times it strikes without. Everything from hard drive failure on your server, freak flood, or theft: if you’re not prepared, don’t wait any longer. For our business, in the last several months our server gave us signs it was not happy. The first time this happened, I made a choice to move all our data to a hosted desktop environment where the company takes great effort in keeping the data up and running 24/7. Of course they…

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CEO to CEO: Come into the Light of Automation

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Today we are going to create an analogy of why bookkeeping technological advancements can be compared to the advancements in transportation. Yes,it is fun and unique to travel by horse and buggy on a beautiful spring sun-shiny day. Do you really want to do it when it’s rainy or you need to go more than 10 miles in less than an hour? If we use this analogy you can see that yes, we can still access and use old technology, but there are limitations to it. Opting for the new “car” just gets us there faster, safer and stylin’. Let’s…

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One CEO to Another: Automation in Your Business, A Case Study using bill.com

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Several times during 2011 we shared tools we loved and appreciated.  We even shared info on how automation moves you from doing to creating.  However I don’t think just sharing the data in our newsletter or social media provides a real life case study that demonstrates how embracing automation creates incredible change in your business. So this is the fist of our new series called “One CEO to Another”.  I will be sharing thoughts, stories and true case studies of items that have made dramatic change in the running of my business and items that helped me embrace more joy…

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