Proactive Year-End Accounting Tasks

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Last month we mentioned as the year comes to a close it was a great time to start looking at your needs for 1099s; take time to meet with your tax professional to be ahead of any possible tax projections; and finally get a start on pulling your accounting info together. Before the year-end comes to a close and to make January just a tad bit less stressful, here are a few things to take a look at in December. The Basics – Items all business owners should start pulling together: 1. Update your accounting and reconcile all bank accounts…

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Year End Is Near: Your Year End Bookkeeping Checklist

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Year-End is Near – so what’s on your bookkeeping checklist? Wait, what – you don’t have one? Never fear. We’re here to help. This blog post gives you a quick checklist of items to consider and move forward this month.  Delegate what you can and if you need assistance or questions about these items seek feedback from your tax professional. Do you need to issue 1099’s? NOW is the time to start your vendor audit if you haven’t already done so.  Review your vendors for those that were paid over $600 by CHECK – manual or online bill pay qualify. …

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