Profit First!

Successful Beginners Guide for the Profit First System

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So by now, if you’re reading with us regularly, you have heard of the book Profit First by Mike Michalowicz. Maybe you even cracked the spine and gave it a quick read. If you resonated with it, but found your Negative Nelly mindset kick in, you may not have taken any forward movement on implementing the new system. Today I am going to share the five basic steps of Profit First. This is the same basic info I presented in my very first webinar, in fact, it is the same exact system I used more than a year ago. Look: just…

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Working the Numbers

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Things change in business, $#!% just happens. We lose one client, not a big deal, but lose three, four or even five, then you may need to take action and quickly! I recently heard someone say: Few people know the target they are heading towards. Most put life and finances on autopilot, waiting for “IT”  to show up. Such a smart statement; which I know is a true statement, because I have witnessed it time and again with clients. It was even the catalyst when I changed my brand and expanded my practice back in 2001. Recently, it happened again…

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Profit First!

Profit First: The Small Plates Principal

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In Profit First, Mike Michalowicz compares creating new money habits with phrases more commonly found in the diet industry. Profit First has four core principles, the first one is “small plates”. Thanks to many of our loving moms, we learned early on to eat everything that was on our plates. What we didn’t learn, was if the plate was smaller our angst over eating boiled Brussels sprouts would have been greatly reduced. Yuck! The key to this principle pulls from Parkinson’s Law (to read more on this, here is an earlier blog post), which states that work will expand to…

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