Business 101: Outsourcing and Change

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One reason outsourcing can be a difficult choice for business owners is the idea of change. Outsourcing can mean change in tools, team members, or processes; this much change can set some people on tilt when they are suggested, or sometimes even forced upon them (gotta love ever-changing accounting software). Often business owners are so focused on running their business that change can be an inconvenience rather than a solution. So the WHY behind the change needs to be painful enough to motivate the investment of resources in creating the change. Ask yourself, if the change will provide you with……

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Business 101: 5 Signs You Need a New Bookkeeper

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Trust is key when outsourcing your bookkeeping. With stories of theft and fraud, it can be a little stressful to know who to trust, especially working in a remote environment. Below are five warning signs that may signal a problem with the relationship you have created.  Be empowered and address them head on. Warning Sign 1: No Access to your Accounting System Recently we spoke with a business owner whose tax professional moved the clients accounting data to their internal server and the business owner had been asking for access for more than two months.  Or the business owner who…

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Avoiding the Tricksters: Five Warning Signs Your Bookkeeper Isn’t Right for You

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Is Your Bookkeeper a Trickster or a Keeper? Five Warning Signs Your Bookkeeper Isn’t Right for You This October, you might have dreams of your favorite candy, ghost story and how you’re going to carve your pumpkin. But when I say Halloween do you also think of your bookkeeper?  Bookkeepers that embezzle can be the worst horror story for any business.  There are other horror stories, like poor service, communication and lack of knowledge; these are just a few of the bad ghost stories that raises the hair on the back of your neck and can keep entrepreneurs from sleeping. Let’s…

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Securing Your Bookkeeping System: Removing the Roadblocks to Hiring or Outsourcing Your Accounting

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Your Team + Security = An Entrepreneurs Peace of Mind Old thought paradigms and roadblocks in “sharing” data often stop entrepreneurs and small business owners in adding team members, especially team members that have access to sensitive information, like their accounting. Securing your bookkeeping might seem out of reach, and some of these roadblocks also involve limitations of the software.  What keeps business owners stuck, though, is the mind shifts required which include trust issues, releasing control, and a whole lot of security issues.  These mind shift changes are not an easy fix and we suggest addressing one at a…

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