The Paper Chase

Floundering in Paper? Reasons this Happens & Survival Tips

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Going completely paperless for a business can be a little mind blowing and incredibly empowering at the same time – I know because I’ve been on that brain twisted journey for two years now. As of the first of June, our business is 95% paperless thanks to moving our office from commercial space with tons of extra space for storage to a much smaller office with a completely virtual team. There are a few things that I choose to move with the intention of deciding what to do with them after the move (I am publicly announcing that these items…

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Bookkeeping, Manage the Cycle

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Today’s post will explore the business accounting cycle. Are you missing a step in a successful cycle for your business? Step 1: Identify, Collect, Analyze This step is all about the in and out of cash flow in your business. Take the time to identify what items need to be tracked. Easiest way to do this is by separating personal from business. Set-up separate bank accounts and dedicate one credit card for business. Consider how you will capture and collect that info. We have written many articles about keeping receipts and going paperless. Success in deciding which to choose is…

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Accounting Tools: A Look Inside QBO (QuickBooks Online)

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Unable to display content. Adobe Flash is required. Today’s Vlog gives you a quick look into QuickBooks Online (QBO). Connie discusses a few of the things we look at with our clients when deciding what tool is right for them and some of the reasons we like QBO. Video Summary When we talk to clients about choosing an accounting tool there are a few items we want them to consider: The look and feel of the tool – People have an immediate like or dislike when they access their tool; not despising it the minute you access it is important…

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Recordkeeping 101: Paper vs. Scans

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Receipts to a bookkeeper are gold; to a business owner a pile of anxiety and nuance; and to the IRS a legal requirement. Naturally, as a bookkeeping firm, we are going to write about how easy it is to keep your receipts and go paperless – we love receipts!  For business owners that have an opposite opinion around receipts there is no magic pill or tool to change that.  Instead we need to look at your personal “nature” when creating a plan on how to adjust your mindset that creates a process to work with your behavior, not against it….

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CEO to CEO: Locking Down Team Data and Security 1.0 (Sharing Sensitive Data can be Daunting!)

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This is one of those behind the scenes topics that I hesitated to share, but I could also see the benefits of sharing my thought process and results since I know so many other CEO’s and entrepreneurs keep hitting the same walls when it comes to security and data sharing. We all know that trust is the number one factor when we talk with our clients, so naturally the security of our client’s data is our number one concern. For the second time while expanding our team recently, we needed to reevaluate how they work with our client’s financial data,…

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Securing Your Bookkeeping System: Removing the Roadblocks to Hiring or Outsourcing Your Accounting

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Your Team + Security = An Entrepreneurs Peace of Mind Old thought paradigms and roadblocks in “sharing” data often stop entrepreneurs and small business owners in adding team members, especially team members that have access to sensitive information, like their accounting. Securing your bookkeeping might seem out of reach, and some of these roadblocks also involve limitations of the software.  What keeps business owners stuck, though, is the mind shifts required which include trust issues, releasing control, and a whole lot of security issues.  These mind shift changes are not an easy fix and we suggest addressing one at a…

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5 Reasons Why Automation is Still Important: Some Easy Ways to “Make it So”

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 1. You Want More Time in Your Day Your day, like ours, probably starts with hitting the ground running. If by running, you also mean putting on those sneakers or hitting the treadmill, then why not automate some of the tasks you could tune out while getting in a morning workout, networking meeting, or a fortifying breakfast? For power android users, this might be one of the revolutionary apps you’ve not yet heard of – we think it puts the “smart” in “smartphone”: • Tasker for android users http://androinica.com/2010/08/9-ways-to-make-android-automatic-with-tasker/ We love this: If this then this… (that’s really what the…

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New Years Action Plan: The Accounting Department’s Five Easy Steps

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At ADI (The Accounting Department) we like to set up our offices for the New Year before we take any holiday down time. We also like to make our New Years Action Plan something that is very doable, and something we know we can accomplish with ease (none of those impossible resolutions or goals!). Here are our top five easy action steps to help inspire your own list! 1. Take Stock and Be Grateful Take stock of where you went in 2012. It’s time to acknowledge your success and celebrate! Did you reach all of your goals? Did you expand…

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