The Paper Chase

Floundering in Paper? Reasons this Happens & Survival Tips

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Going completely paperless for a business can be a little mind blowing and incredibly empowering at the same time – I know because I’ve been on that brain twisted journey for two years now. As of the first of June, our business is 95% paperless thanks to moving our office from commercial space with tons of extra space for storage to a much smaller office with a completely virtual team. There are a few things that I choose to move with the intention of deciding what to do with them after the move (I am publicly announcing that these items…

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Accounting Tools: A Look Inside QBO (QuickBooks Online)

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Unable to display content. Adobe Flash is required. Today’s Vlog gives you a quick look into QuickBooks Online (QBO). Connie discusses a few of the things we look at with our clients when deciding what tool is right for them and some of the reasons we like QBO. Video Summary When we talk to clients about choosing an accounting tool there are a few items we want them to consider: The look and feel of the tool – People have an immediate like or dislike when they access their tool; not despising it the minute you access it is important…

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Favorite Tool Series: Track1099.com

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A long long time ago, say prior to 2012, processing 1099’s every January took quite a bit of planning, preparation, and coordination.  I never seemed to have enough forms, enough envelopes, or enough postage.  Then the Sleeter Group recommended a tool that they were using internally called Track1099.  I have never particularly liked processing and printing 1099’s within the accounting tool I was using (QuickBooks for desktop, at the time); it never quite printed properly on the forms, and it annoyed me.  Plus, working with as many clients as we were, all who were using different accounting tools, what I…

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Favorite Tool Series: Hubdoc

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Technology is constantly adjusting, improving, taking forward strides and most times these changes are inconvenient, frustrating, and time saving awesomeness.  This review is for a pretty awesome time saving tool that is still evolving and already has saved me enough time to cover costs. Getting and capturing accounting data like receipts, bills and statements, is the first hurdle in going paperless.  The next hurdle is the ability to share and store that info.  There are many tools out there that tackle those items but they were always lacking something: Not accessible on mobile device Only allows two emails to access;…

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Recordkeeping 101: Paper vs. Scans

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Receipts to a bookkeeper are gold; to a business owner a pile of anxiety and nuance; and to the IRS a legal requirement. Naturally, as a bookkeeping firm, we are going to write about how easy it is to keep your receipts and go paperless – we love receipts!  For business owners that have an opposite opinion around receipts there is no magic pill or tool to change that.  Instead we need to look at your personal “nature” when creating a plan on how to adjust your mindset that creates a process to work with your behavior, not against it….

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Recordkeeping 101: 5 Tips to Eliminate Year-End Anxiety

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As the calendar page turns to show us it is December – which, by the way, happens every year – we see and feel the anxiety levels start to kick-in for business owners and their tax professionals.  (Yes, even tax professionals get anxiety)  Wouldn’t it be great to change this annual occurrence of anxiety with just a few simple steps? Your anxiety can be eliminated, if you choose now to implement these five steps.  How different would your business be IF…. Your recordkeeping is current and ready to hand over to your tax professional by the first of February No…

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Disaster Planning for Business: Emergency, Backups, Tools…are you prepared?

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But really: are you prepared? Do you have a disaster plan for your business? Sometimes we have warnings before an emergency strikes. Most times it strikes without. Everything from hard drive failure on your server, freak flood, or theft: if you’re not prepared, don’t wait any longer. For our business, in the last several months our server gave us signs it was not happy. The first time this happened, I made a choice to move all our data to a hosted desktop environment where the company takes great effort in keeping the data up and running 24/7. Of course they…

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CEO to CEO: Come into the Light of Automation

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Today we are going to create an analogy of why bookkeeping technological advancements can be compared to the advancements in transportation. Yes,it is fun and unique to travel by horse and buggy on a beautiful spring sun-shiny day. Do you really want to do it when it’s rainy or you need to go more than 10 miles in less than an hour? If we use this analogy you can see that yes, we can still access and use old technology, but there are limitations to it. Opting for the new “car” just gets us there faster, safer and stylin’. Let’s…

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