Creating an Intentional Payroll Will Save Your Profit

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Payroll, it can be confusing, especially when the question of the day seems to be around owner’s pay: what is the appropriate amount, and am I paying myself enough? When is payroll not payroll? That is a super good question and one where many business owners get stuck. When accounting professionals talk payroll, they mean setting your business up to process payroll as an employee, with employer taxes and processing fees. Which for some tax entities, is a requirement – yes I’m talking to all you S-Corporations out there. For those of you who are Partnerships, there is no payroll,…

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All the Boring, Timely, and Informative Payroll Items you Need

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This was the hardest, most uninspired blog post I have written all year. And while this isn’t the most exciting or joyful post, I do know it will impact every business owner with employees, and especially those in Oregon. As 2016 comes knocking on our doors, so do a few payroll related items employers need to be aware of and more importantly, take action on. ADI Team PSA – 2016 Payroll Recommendations This year there are quite a few changes for employers that more action and review is needed. In fact ADI Accounting Team is making a few recommendations: If…

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Accounting Tools: A Look Inside QBO (QuickBooks Online)

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Unable to display content. Adobe Flash is required. Today’s Vlog gives you a quick look into QuickBooks Online (QBO). Connie discusses a few of the things we look at with our clients when deciding what tool is right for them and some of the reasons we like QBO. Video Summary When we talk to clients about choosing an accounting tool there are a few items we want them to consider: The look and feel of the tool – People have an immediate like or dislike when they access their tool; not despising it the minute you access it is important…

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Proactive Year-End Accounting Tasks

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Last month we mentioned as the year comes to a close it was a great time to start looking at your needs for 1099s; take time to meet with your tax professional to be ahead of any possible tax projections; and finally get a start on pulling your accounting info together. Before the year-end comes to a close and to make January just a tad bit less stressful, here are a few things to take a look at in December. The Basics – Items all business owners should start pulling together: 1. Update your accounting and reconcile all bank accounts…

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