Creating an Intentional Payroll Will Save Your Profit

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Payroll, it can be confusing, especially when the question of the day seems to be around owner’s pay: what is the appropriate amount, and am I paying myself enough? When is payroll not payroll? That is a super good question and one where many business owners get stuck. When accounting professionals talk payroll, they mean setting your business up to process payroll as an employee, with employer taxes and processing fees. Which for some tax entities, is a requirement – yes I’m talking to all you S-Corporations out there. For those of you who are Partnerships, there is no payroll,…

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It’s True: Airline Safety Can Strengthen Your Business

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On my flight to LA last week, there was a funny safety presentation; this was some spark in what is usually a rather dreary monologue, so I listened intently. As I looked around, I was one of a handful of those paying attention. Which is too bad, because those that didn’t got called out by that comedic flight attention, with a simple – “for those not listening, good luck.” Which gave me a creative pause, if the plane is falling out of the sky and oxygen is lost, will you put on your mask first? Or panic and scream since…

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Business 101: 5 Signs You Need a New Bookkeeper

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Trust is key when outsourcing your bookkeeping. With stories of theft and fraud, it can be a little stressful to know who to trust, especially working in a remote environment. Below are five warning signs that may signal a problem with the relationship you have created.  Be empowered and address them head on. Warning Sign 1: No Access to your Accounting System Recently we spoke with a business owner whose tax professional moved the clients accounting data to their internal server and the business owner had been asking for access for more than two months.  Or the business owner who…

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Building the Right team For Your Business – Hiring Your Gladiators

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Building the right team is HARD. I know this from experience. You want Gladiators? People who buy into your vision and mission? Today’s CEO to CEO, I’m here to share with you that you must use new tactics in order to get the team that’s right for your business. I’ve spent the last seven years learning how to expand my team and how to hire and fire. It was clear I was missing one thing. I needed to find crusaders for my team, I needed gladiators! Thanks to Olivia Pope and her team on Scandal, I knew what a team…

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CEO to CEO: Locking Down Team Data and Security 1.0 (Sharing Sensitive Data can be Daunting!)

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This is one of those behind the scenes topics that I hesitated to share, but I could also see the benefits of sharing my thought process and results since I know so many other CEO’s and entrepreneurs keep hitting the same walls when it comes to security and data sharing. We all know that trust is the number one factor when we talk with our clients, so naturally the security of our client’s data is our number one concern. For the second time while expanding our team recently, we needed to reevaluate how they work with our client’s financial data,…

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Securing Your Bookkeeping System: Removing the Roadblocks to Hiring or Outsourcing Your Accounting

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Your Team + Security = An Entrepreneurs Peace of Mind Old thought paradigms and roadblocks in “sharing” data often stop entrepreneurs and small business owners in adding team members, especially team members that have access to sensitive information, like their accounting. Securing your bookkeeping might seem out of reach, and some of these roadblocks also involve limitations of the software.  What keeps business owners stuck, though, is the mind shifts required which include trust issues, releasing control, and a whole lot of security issues.  These mind shift changes are not an easy fix and we suggest addressing one at a…

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Disaster Planning for Business: Emergency, Backups, Tools…are you prepared?

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But really: are you prepared? Do you have a disaster plan for your business? Sometimes we have warnings before an emergency strikes. Most times it strikes without. Everything from hard drive failure on your server, freak flood, or theft: if you’re not prepared, don’t wait any longer. For our business, in the last several months our server gave us signs it was not happy. The first time this happened, I made a choice to move all our data to a hosted desktop environment where the company takes great effort in keeping the data up and running 24/7. Of course they…

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