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The Paper Chase

Floundering in Paper? Reasons this Happens & Survival Tips

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Going completely paperless for a business can be a little mind blowing and incredibly empowering at the same time – I know because I’ve been on that brain twisted journey for two years now. As of the first of June, our business is 95% paperless thanks to moving our office from commercial space with tons of extra space for storage to a much smaller office with a completely virtual team. There are a few things that I choose to move with the intention of deciding what to do with them after the move (I am publicly announcing that these items…

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How to Think About Payments That Will Help You Be Profitable

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While the king of payment has changed from paper to plastic, not having multiple options of receiving payment can be a certain death for businesses. I’ve seen new businesses open their arms wide for multiple payment options, and I’ve seen older businesses go kicking and screaming into this new world. If you want to survive and be a healthy and profitable business, you need to be aware of the tools available and develop your preferred payment processing plan. So let’s talk payment options. Death of the Checkbooks – (almost) We as a society haven’t totally killed off checks as a…

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Tool Recommendation: Xero – is it right for you?

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In today’s Vlog Connie gives you a quick look into Xero. We review the things we look at with our clients when deciding what tool is right for them and some of the reasons we like Xero. Video Summary When we talk to clients about choosing an accounting tool there are a few items we want them to consider: The look and feel of the tool – People have an immediate like or dislike when they access their tool; not despising it the minute you access it is important to your success in using the tool. Also, it’s important to…

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Bookkeeping Zero Data Entry: Fact or Myth?

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Honestly, the truth starts with your financial institution and the accounting tool you’ve chosen. Choose correctly and zero data entry can be achieved. What does Zero Data Entry (ZDE) mean? Remember that “garbage in and garbage out” saying?  Most problems we encounter with small business accounting revolve around manually entering the “data” into the selected accounting tool, most likely into QuickBooks. ZDE means that you don’t have to worry about manual data entry. Revolutionary, we know! Do any of these ring true? There are so many other items requiring your attention that working on your business is limited so you…

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